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I was thinking how to ensure I can see a good band for my 50th Birthday. Then I had the bright idea to promote the gig myself (hence the name forty tenth). So if I can do one, why not more.

Gigs will be at the top Leicester venue, The Musician. I am mostly looking to promote Folk music, though that does range from traditional through to Folk Death Metal and anything in between. There will probably be a bit of Rock, in association with my great mate, Chris of Cheeseweasel. Finally, anything weird or obscure that excites me. So if you feel you fit any of the above and fancy a gig in Leicester, please get in contact.

Quote from Clara after her gig:

"Clara Barker had the sort of gig that I'll never forget and will always remind me of all the things I love about what I do. Great audience, cool venue, gorgeous acoustics, brilliant people and lots of laughs. Massive thanks and big loves to everyone at The Musician Pub, Lucy Ward and Andy Tuck at FortyTenth Promotions for a wonderful night! ♥ xxx"

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To contact me, please email:

or corner me at The Musician. I attend most Folk and Rock gigs.